The meaning of “Human of New York” as a photojournalism

How wonderful if you have a job that you can talk with people from all over the world. “Humans of New York” has been working on this to deliver individuals’ life stories to us since 2010.

“Humans of New York” is a photo blog to introduce people living in New York with their portraits, which was started out by a photographer, Brandon Stanton in 2010. Anyone can read these articles on social media such as Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

The world we live in sometimes looks very small and boring. However, if you read “Humans of New York,” your perspective, your sense of values and your world itself would be expanded.

All of the stories are based on personal experiences, some stories are very romantic and moving, but other stories are very sad and heartbreaking.

The reader would be able to feel like reading one of short stories in a book, but each one of them is not just a fictional tale, but it is what actually happened to a person.

Currently, the focus of “Humans of New York” jumped out from New York and shifted to Syrian crisis.

There are so many refugees and immigrants from Syria to European countries including Greece Islands and Austria.

Those journeys at the risk of their lives are totally different from New Yorkers’ heartwarming stories. Even though some people in New York would have experienced great hardship in their lives, the refugees’ stories are much worse than anyone’s.

There are so many people coming to New York from all over the world and dreaming of success. However, the choices given to the Syrian refugees are just only two, to displace from their houses or to be killed by army or terrorists. They have no choice to protect their lives in Syria.

Therefore, the only one hope the refugees have is just to survive.

“Humans of New York” has had a partnership with United Nations Refugee Agency to tell the personal stories of these displaced people.

This is one of ultimate goals of online photojournalism today, telling the truth that is actually happening to people in a part of the world right now, and documenting people who suffer from political crisis.

These non-fictional stories are delivered to the whole world via social media. It’s an easier way to convey the facts via Facebook or Instagram rather than reading books and newspaper today.

It is awful but necessary to know the reality that people living in the other side of world experience political war and struggle to survive in it, because we cannot actually see the fact with our eyes.

“Human in New York” plays one of very important roles in photojournalism. Each one of stories can expand individuals’ world and has an effects to make people think about the world crisis more deeply.

(All images except a picture of Brandon Stanton are from Facebook of Humans of New York.)


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