How can we enjoy Christmas shopping in Staten Island Mall without Santa Claus?

Staten Island Mall decided to cancel the annual Santa’s arrival event and a tree lighting ceremony for this year.

Last year


All of us never expected it would be canceled this year. The event including tree lighting and Santa parade just started in last year. The announcement of the cancellation made the mall’s shoppers disappointed and upset.

This year

The facebook page called “Boycott the Staten Island Mall” was created to protest the cancellation of the traditional event in the mall.

The founder of the group, Joe Demarco, wrote that the mall used to have a children’s train at the center of the mall with Santa, then it was moved near JC penny located at the end of the mall.

Even though some shoppers who joined the holiday event in last year were unhappy because of the several hours of programming which took place in the rain, many of Staten Islanders, especially parents who have little children, had still looked forward to taking their kids to the event this year because they wanted to see Santa Claus and take Christmas pictures there.

Some shoppers were shocked since they felt that Staten Island Mall took a tradition away from the Islanders. Therefore, many of them decided not to go for holiday shopping there.

Facebook page of Staten Island Mall

After the Mall heard the disappointed reactions from their shoppers, they decided to host a holiday celebration for the community, complete with Santa, a tree lighting and toy drive on December 4. And they also announced the annual Santa Parade will hold next year.

Did Staten Island Mall need to cancel the annual Santa Parade? – Obviously not.

As we can see, many users of the Mall were excited to attend the Santa Clause Parade, but now, after the cancellation of the event, they are swearing off the Staten Island Mall, which means the Mall is losing number of customers for the busiest holiday season in a year.

As a result of this, there were no crowds at the day of Black Friday at the Mall. This might be one of the outcomes of shopper’s reactions.

Of course, it is no problem that the children’s train with Santa had been shunted off near JC penny, because we can see them if we go there.

However, it does not make people excited about Christmas if the center of the mall is the wide empty space that it used to be.

People want to feel an atmosphere of Christmas and see some Christmas spirits inside the Mall, and then they would be able to enjoy the shopping during Christmas time.

Commercial facilities, including the Mall, cannot manage their business without customers, therefore, they really need to provide amusement to enjoy and celebrate seasonal events with their shoppers.


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