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Syrian refugees in the U.S. fear backlash after Paris attack

Syrian refugees saw American people and governors who don’t want those refugees to stay in the United States anymore, and they cannot stop feeling disappointed at the country that has saved their lives. Here is a top-ten-list to get the basic information about this story.


Why Syrian refugees have to leave their country?

Syrian citizens have escaped from their country since a five year war had broken out. Because of this civil war, the country is divided into four groups, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, rebel group against al-Assad government, the Islamic State (ISIS) and Kurds. All of these four groups are trying to expand their territory.

“Bombs are just falling like rain,” said refugees who escaped from Damascus, the capital of Syria.  Because attacks take place in the areas where innocent people live,  the circumstance lead those people to displace their houses and seek somewhere they can live safely.


How have those refugees been treated in the world?/Which countries have accepted Syrian refugees?

Many European countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt have accepted Syrian refugees in recent years. The admitted number of those people depends on each country. The state which has the highest number of refugees is Turkey, where almost half of the Syrian refugees are sheltered.

The other wealthy countries including the United States, Canada and Australia have also accepted the refugees resettlement.

In contrast, Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and  Bahrain have never agreed with refugees coming to their nations. Even though those in the countries share the language with Syria, they haven’t participated in the 1951 U.N. treaty on refugees, which is the agreement to provide asylum to refugees from all over the world.


Anti-Syrian refugees have appeared in America after harrowing attacks in Paris

Because of the U.S. governor’s statements that Syrian refugees are unwelcome in their states after the attacks in Paris, refugee’s agency workers and immigrants themselves have received death threat from people who are against the refugees.

Politicians’ comments about fear of refugees have induced people to lash out at Muslims or people from the Middle East.

Even though Obama declared that the United States would take in 10,000 Syrian refugees, who are identified by the United Nations, over the next fiscal year, 31 governors had talked that the acceptance of those refugees represents threats to their states and the background check wound not help keep ISIL agent out of their states.

However, the refugees just want to live in safe with their neighbors and never intend to attack people.

The Paris attacks created prejudice toward those refugees, and it makes more difficult for American to accept and assimilate the people who come over from the Middle East.


Reactions from every state: Who accept or refuse Syrian refugees?


Many governors in the United States have shown their attitude not to accept Syrian refugees in their states to keep the safety and security of their citizens, while some have mentioned that they would be welcome those people and others have not received any refugees yet.

Even though a Syrian passport, which was found near the one of the suicide bomb  attacker’s body in Paris, has not been authenticated, it created concern and anxiety about Muslims coming to the U.S. as refugees, because the attacker desired to be a member of ISIS.


How to officially come in the United States as a refugee

Refugee people who want to have citizenship in a country first apply for refugee status through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Those refugees have to have left their home land due to the followings:

“A well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group affiliation or political opinion.”

If it’s proved that the refugee meets the above conditions, the UNHRC refers the applicant to a third country such as  United States.

After the application is processed by federally funded Resettlement Support Center,  the refugee takes the intensive screening process, including an interview, medical evaluation and an inter-agency security screening process to make sure the refugee does not have any intention to threaten the United States.

Usually all the process for the refugee application takes 18 to 24 months, but Syrian refugees can take longer time because of more strict security concern.


The campaign to end refugees inflow

President Obama decided to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees and place them in American communities, but a number of politicians are warning that because they concern terrorist enter the nation pretending refugees. The governors insist that it means their citizens are exposed by the danger of terrorism.


What is Syrian American Council?

Syrian American Council is the group which helps the Syrian American community to organize and advocate for a free, democratic and pluralistic Syria through American support.

This organization amplifies the voice of Syrian Americans and the current circumstance in Syria and asks to help and donate through media and campaign to promise the better lives to Syrian refugees.

“Until they can go back home, we are working to ensure that they are treated with dignity here in the United States.” – Syrian American Council

And they also want a member to join in the group.


Why have Mosques received threats?

After the attacks in Paris, a hate crime and threats toward mosques broke out in Florida and Canada. The Paris attack sparked Islamophobia and it appeared as the threats by phone call against the Muslim congregation in Florida and the crime by setting the fire to mosque in Canada.

Even though the Paris attack acted by terrorist, American people have grown their concerns toward innocent Muslim community in the United States.


What is Islamic Center of Claremont?

Islamic Center of Claremont serves the needs of Muslims in Pomona, Claremont and surrounding communities. ICC provides a religious and educational environment to grow their Muslim community.They host weekly lectures, family events, youth programs, Ramadan iftars and Qiyam prayers.

They have been supporting Syrian refugees as well so that those refugees settle in America. They aim at the level of encouragement from interfaith gatherings.


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