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Case #1

Police look for the suspect of a grand larceny that occurred in Staten Island on Wednesday November 4 around 1:00pm. The 34-year-old female lost her wallet, including 50.00 dollars and credit card. 30 minutes later, the suspect purchased an electric heater with the victim’s credit card at The Home Depot located in 545 Target Street, police said. The suspect is regarded as a 20-30 years male with short dark hair and a beard, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, light colored pants and brown shoes at the last time he was seen, according to officials. There are no injuries in this incident.

Case #2

On Monday, October 5, 2015 at 11:01, a motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian stuck took place at Hylan Boulevard and Arden Avenue, police reported. An injured 31-year-old victim lying on the roadway was unconscious and unresponsive according to officers. After EMS transported the aided female to Staten Island University Hospital South, she was deceased at the hospital. As the pedestrian was crossing Hylan Boulevard southbound, a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis was traveling westbound on Hylan Boulevard at the same time, and the vehicle approaching the intersection of Arden Avenue stuck the pedestrian who was walking mid-block, according to the investigation. The 54-year-old driver of the car was not injured and there are no arrests in this incident.

Case #3

Investigators released photos of two suspects who are wanted for a robbery to seek the public’s assistance. On Wednesday, August 21, 2015 around 12:45am, in front of 6345 Amboy Road, one of the suspects approached a 22-year-old male victim who got off the train at the Pleasant Plains Station. While suspect #1 demanded his property, suspect #2 pushed the victim to the ground and took the victim’s cell phone, and the duo run away to an unknown direction. The suspect #1 is identified as a 20-30 year-old white male with heavy set wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The suspect #2 is also regarded as a 20-30 year-old white male covering his head with a hood, police reporting.


How can we enjoy Christmas shopping in Staten Island Mall without Santa Claus?

Staten Island Mall decided to cancel the annual Santa’s arrival event and a tree lighting ceremony for this year.

Last year


All of us never expected it would be canceled this year. The event including tree lighting and Santa parade just started in last year. The announcement of the cancellation made the mall’s shoppers disappointed and upset.

This year

The facebook page called “Boycott the Staten Island Mall” was created to protest the cancellation of the traditional event in the mall.

The founder of the group, Joe Demarco, wrote that the mall used to have a children’s train at the center of the mall with Santa, then it was moved near JC penny located at the end of the mall.

Even though some shoppers who joined the holiday event in last year were unhappy because of the several hours of programming which took place in the rain, many of Staten Islanders, especially parents who have little children, had still looked forward to taking their kids to the event this year because they wanted to see Santa Claus and take Christmas pictures there.

Some shoppers were shocked since they felt that Staten Island Mall took a tradition away from the Islanders. Therefore, many of them decided not to go for holiday shopping there.

Facebook page of Staten Island Mall

After the Mall heard the disappointed reactions from their shoppers, they decided to host a holiday celebration for the community, complete with Santa, a tree lighting and toy drive on December 4. And they also announced the annual Santa Parade will hold next year.

Did Staten Island Mall need to cancel the annual Santa Parade? – Obviously not.

As we can see, many users of the Mall were excited to attend the Santa Clause Parade, but now, after the cancellation of the event, they are swearing off the Staten Island Mall, which means the Mall is losing number of customers for the busiest holiday season in a year.

As a result of this, there were no crowds at the day of Black Friday at the Mall. This might be one of the outcomes of shopper’s reactions.

Of course, it is no problem that the children’s train with Santa had been shunted off near JC penny, because we can see them if we go there.

However, it does not make people excited about Christmas if the center of the mall is the wide empty space that it used to be.

People want to feel an atmosphere of Christmas and see some Christmas spirits inside the Mall, and then they would be able to enjoy the shopping during Christmas time.

Commercial facilities, including the Mall, cannot manage their business without customers, therefore, they really need to provide amusement to enjoy and celebrate seasonal events with their shoppers.

Taylor Swift – The Success Of Establishing Superstardom

August 30 in 2015, Taylor Swift’s new music video of ‘Wildest Dreams’ was finally unveiled during MTV Music Awards pre-show.

Swift acts a 1950’s movie star falling love with co-star Scott Eastwood. The inspiration for this video was from reading a book by Ava Gardner and Peter Evans, The Secret Conversations.

“since social media did not exist in the ’50s—it would be impossible for actors not to fall in love if they were isolated together in Africa, since there would be no one else to talk to,” GQ magazine reported her premise for the video.

Swift’s another music video ‘Blank Space’ from her fifth album titled ‘1989’ officially became the most-watched video on VEVO with more than 1.2 billion views, the company reported on October 20 via Twitter. This clip became the fastest video to get 1 billion views.

Even though just one year has passed since the album ‘1989’ was released, people have still paid attention to her.

“The character is so interesting, though,” Swift talked to NME. “If you go and read these gossip sites and describe how I am, [it’s] so opposite my actual life.”

Swift creates the character in the video to show a vindictive girl such as herself described in coverage.

She found the irony in this song about the girl who is insecure about her relationships and love, because it is totally like her in media.

“I knew some people would hear ‘Blank Space’ and say, ‘See, we were right about her.’ And that point, I just figure if you don’t get the joke, you don’t deserve to get the joke.” Swift talked GQ about how some of lyrics in ‘Blank Space’ are ironical.

“Half the people got the joke,” she says. “Half the people really think that I was really owning the act that I’m a psychopath, which is fine. Either one is fine as long as they know the semblance of the words, even if they’re incorrect.”

On October 13, Billboard reported that Swift won at the American Music Awards 2015 for six categories including artist of the year, and those winnings led her to the most nominated artist in AMA 2015.

Even though the song categories for this year looks competitive such as Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” face off, and other newcomers are nominated including  Sam Hunt, Walk the Moon and Fetty Wap, her first all-pop album ‘1989’ was the top selling album of 2014, and it remains in top ten in the album charts.

AMA nominees are based on the reflection of album and digital sales, radio airplay, streaming, social activity and touring tracked by Billboard and its data partners.

Taylor Swift, country pop singer song writer, was born in December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up in its Suburb Wyomisssing.

Swift’s interest in music began at the age of nine, and a country musician, Shania Twain, gave her a biggest influence on Swift’s liking to country music.

At that time, she used to work regularly at local events including fairs and talent contests and soon started to learn how to play guitar and write songs.

When she was eleven, she often visited Nashville, where is widely known as a Music City, with her homemade demo tapes and continued travelling back and forth for the next three years. Her family decided to move to nearby Hendersonville, Tennessee with expectations of her music career.

Her song writing ability attracted the attention of SONY and ATV publishing. In addition, Scotto Borchetta, who launched Big Machine Records, found her genius when he saw her performance at the Bluebird Café in Nashville. She got a deal with Big Machine in 2005.

Swift’s self titled debut album, ‘Taylor Swift,’ was released in 2006, which accomplished Number one on Billboard’s country charts and Number five on pop charts.

Her second album, ‘Fearless,’ issued in 2008 included lots of hits such as “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me,” and it made her nominated four Country Music Association awards and American Music Awards in 2009.

At the time of her third album “Speak Now,” she entirely wrote the songs all by herself and it was sold over one million copies in the first week.

Her popularity was growing up with “Red” in 2012 and “1989” in 2014, and a pair of albums officially led her from country music into pop realm. Finally, she moved into stratosphere of superstardom at this point. The statistics of her albums’ sales shows the fact. The sales are steadily growing up.

She writes songs as if they are diary and represents her generation, which always attracts people over the border. She was very good at capturing the voice of teenagers especially in her early works. But now, her songs fascinate more people not only in the United States but throughout the world regardless of age.

Being Multicultural and fulfilling a dream

Many students dream of studying abroad and becomig multicultural, Takuma Matsuda has been accomplishing this since he was seventeen.

Takuma Matsuda, a 21 year old CSI junior, expanded his world by studying in Japan, Boston, Italy and in New York. His ultimate goal is to become multicultural and fulfill his dream of becoming an international filmmaker and photographer.

Currently, Matsuda is living in Florence, Italy through the College of Staten Island study abroad program. It is there that he plans to continue working towards his Bachelor’s degree in film making and photography. After the program is finished, he will graduate on CSI campus in 2017.

At the young age of seventeen, Matsuda was given the opportunity for the three-week study abroad program in Boston. His first trip made him realize that the world he lived in was very small. The more exposed he was to a new culture and country, the more he wanted to know.

Along the way, it was unexpected that he would make special friendships, especially ones created from the study abroad programs. While in Boston, Matsuda started an ongoing international friendship with an Italian exchange student, Nicole Floris. Despite language barriers, they both learned English together to communicate. From then on, they visited each other, back and forth from Japan and Italy.

After graduating high school and starting college in Japan, Matsuda decided to continue his education at CSI, where he realized his dream becoming a film director and studying cinema because it is not offered in Japan.

However, an inner struggle began between his desire to continue studying and his desire to continue traveling. After one year at CSI, Matsuda applied for the study abroad program in Italy, where he was fascinated before, and he is continuing his studies in cinema there.

“For me, ‘multicultural’ means being open minded to and interacting with any culture,” Matsuda said. “I have always tried to be like that.”

Even though Matsuda understands himself with insufficient ability in English, he still tries to experience something new without fear, for example, his professor of a film class introduced a film company to him, and then he applied for the staff to help a shooting for a movie. He is very active for what he wants to do no matter how he is not enough to communicate in English.

“I have to cooperate with other people in film making. Sometimes, they don’t understand what I ask them in a shooting. It makes me very irritate, but I know it’s because I don’t fluently speak English. But I just want to participate in film making anyway.”

Since Matsuda found out a similarity between filmmaking and photography, now he is also concentrating on studies of photo. Because of an influence from his favorite photographer, William Eggleston, Matsuda has a policy of his work “one object, one picture,” which led how he works on the photography to a change.

“I used to take tons of photos for just one object when I started to take pictures. But my favorite photographer, William Eggleston said ‘one object, one picture,’ it made me realize that I should not choose the best one after taking many photos, but I should create the best subject by setting lighting and position before taking” Matsuda said. “It’s the same as shooting a film, we cannot always shoot the best scene, but we struggle and try to get it.”

Matsuda prefers to take photos rather than to shoot a film for now. Photography is easier than film making because he can control everything by himself and doesn’t need to cooperate with others, but his ultimate dream being both a filmmaker and photographer would never be changed.

“I started photography because I thought it would help improve my skill for film making,” he said. “Although I more like photography for now, I still think studying photography is for improvement of ability for film. I will never forget it.”