Christmas in Richmond Town and Traditional Tree Lighting

Traditional Tree Lighting Event in Historic Richmond Town

Traditional Tree Lighting Event began at 5:00 pm on Sunday, December 6 at Historic Richmond Town located on 441 Clarke Avenue. The venue was filled with a lot of people, including families and couples. Everyone was holding a cup of hot apple cider served by The Women’s Auxiliary to keep themselves warm. Kids were running around while waiting for the time of the tree lighting. The choir was singing on the main stage. Shortly after it passed 5:00 pm, Santa Claus showed up. Everyone clapped their hands and started singing some Christmas songs. And then, finally the countdown for the tree lighting began “…5 …4 …3 …2 …1!!!” At the moment, the tree lit up and the community was filled with a lot of smiles, joy and love.

“I really love this community because American historic traditions are preserved here and people can enjoy and experience those traditions through the events we hold like this tree lighting,” a member of The Women’s Auxiliary talked about this community. “I want more people to feel it’s important to preserve the tradition of America.” (*It was not allowed to take a video of the interview.)



The Tree Lighting event was hosted by The Women’s Auxiliary of Historic Richmond Town, which is the volunteer fundraising organization that aims to support and render useful service to Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island. They work on to preserve historic records and relics connected with the early history of Staten Island. The devotion to Staten Island Historic Society makes all their efforts successful.

Historic Richmond Town is a community representing America’s historic town. The town including a museum is divided into four sites with over thirty original historic structures and more than 130,000 historic artifacts, photographs and archival collections dating back to 17th century.

“They are authentic time travelers that carry memories of people, place and lives.”


The purpose of those collections of the historic artifacts are described as “discovery” to show the history of America and to give new insight into one’s life. Those artifacts were found in many hundreds of New York areas over the past hundred years. Each collection of artifacts and structures represents “America” and has its own great true story.There are many ways to enjoy the historic town besides visiting the museum and those sites. They also hold events and programs for guests to show traditional America’s life. Check the event calendar to join their program!



There is an upcoming event called Candlelight Tours in Historic Richmond Town on this weekend, December 12. Candlelight Tours has been presented for decades in this community. People can journey from house to house decorated  with candles and oil lamps and enlivened by holiday sweets. Through walking tours of an illuminated Historic Town at night, people can experience as if they visit the people from days of old and feel the holiday mood. The opportunity would bring the people closer to the traditions and nostalgic days of America.


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